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What are solo ads? +6 tips to drive high converting traffic to your links

Solo ads are email marketing campaigns that can help drive high-quality targeted website traffic to your webpage. The most important thing to know about solo ads is that the traffic can be niche targeted to attract highly accurate and responsive buyers to your webpage or business.

When considering whether a solo ad is right for your website or business, you should know that there are no other forms of advertising as cost-effective as a highly targeted solo ad campaign.

The reason they are so cost-effective is that you are essentially "renting the list" of someone who has spent many months and years cultivating high-quality leads that are responsive and niche targeted. With a solo ad, you pay to send your ad to a list that someone else has spent time cultivating and creating.

Most internet marketers and website owners who use solo ads swear by their effectiveness. This form of advertising can yield tremendous amounts of clicks and ROI and the ability to quickly test different campaigns and landing pages to optimize marketing campaigns. Many marketers believe that solo ads are better than PPC or Facebook ad campaigns

Are solo ads safe? Yes, the solo ads our service sends out are fully compliant with all USA and international email marketing and privacy laws. Your ad goes out only to people who have expressly requested and agreed to receive information to their email addresses. We handle all email compliance, and you are not at any risk when using solo ads through our service.

Does all this sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be. specializes in highly responsive and effective solo ad advertising. We can handle all aspects of your campaign and quickly get you up and running. In most cases, all we need is the link you would like potential customers to visit.

Need help with your landing page? We would be happy to provide some tips and advice. You can also read this blog post to learn some Tips for Creating a Landing Page That Converts Traffic from Solo Ads.

Here's How It Works...

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Step 1 - We Start By Finding Out The Type Of Customers You Are Looking For
Our staff will work with you to discover the type of customer targeting that will match your website or business. We then show your ad to qualified prospects who have asked to receive information about products/services in their areas of interest.

Step 2 - Our Professional Ad Writers Create Your Ad
Once we determine the type of campaign targeting that will work best for your business our ad writers go to work creating an ad for you. (If you would prefer to use your own ad that is fine too.) Once we finish your ad we send it to you for your final approval.

Step 3 - We Deliver Your Campaign To Qualified Prospects
As new prospects arrive in our system we verify them for accuracy and compliance and then show your ad to them. Only the highest quality prospects are used and you can even choose which countries we send your campaign to.

Advanced Targeting Options

Optimized Campaign Delivery

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 Caterina Christakos 

 Marketing Coach 

"I have been using 10DollarSoloAds for several of my online businesses. Every time the customer service has been exceptional. They help me write ads, re-write ads I have written and make sure that everything is running smoothly. On top of that, I receive far better results from this solo ad company than I from any other that I have used. This is absolutely worth every penny."

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Better Solo Ads That Work - Solo Ad Advertising. 

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Third Party Click Verification & Stats

We provide a third party tracking link with every campaign. You can use the tracking link to monitor the results of your ad campaign in real-time.

Access To Extensive Targeting Capabilities

We offer custom targeting to hundreds of industries. You can choose your own campaign targeting or we are happy to help suggest the best possible match for your website or business.

Easy To Use Interface

Sending our a campaign is fast and easy. You can choose targeting, select the countries we send your campaign to and schedule your campaign through our easy to use customer dashboard.

Fast & Friendly Customer Service

Using our service is easy and intuitive. If you need any assistance we are happy to help. We provide fast email support 7 days a week.

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