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Anthony Deustachio Anthony Deustachio

The ad writing staff at 10dollarsoloads were very prompt, and had my ad copy back to me within 24 hours...as advertised. I have approved and submitted and ready to roll out with it tomorrow

Greg Dixon Greg DixonGregFD

This has been an brilliant experience. The speed of creating what I required is impressive - excellent customer service.
The requested work has proved to be just what I wanted and I will have no hesitation in renewing my 4 week subscription for 4 weekly Solos.

Mark Toler

Fast and great turn around on the writing of my ad. Now hopefully we can get some conversions.

360 Marketing

QuewanInternet marketing

I am very happy with the ad that was written, will be ordering again

Thank you so much


Great email swipe written by 10dollarsoloads!

Larry Pardue Larry PardueClub8

The ad that was written for me was done quickly and they did a fantastic job writing it too!
Highly recommend this service to anyone!

Allen Daniels Allen DanielsAllen Daniels Marketing Group

I have used 10 dollar soloads in the past with good results.

What I appreciate most is the help provided to write my email ad copy. They do a great job writing copy that gets the email opened and the link clicked.

JeffMobe consultant

Seems to be working with promoting my mobe site thanks for all the help

Barry Mackey Barry Mackeybarrymackeyinc

very impressed with 10dollarsoloads just received a draft of my solo ad from George at admin the re writing of it is great.
The back office for my account is also very professional navigation is easy and straight forward.
I highly recommend 10dollarsoloads and will definately be spending more of my marketing budget using there great service...

barrymackeyinc New Zealand

Teokotai.Williams Teokotai.WilliamsTeokotai

Hello everyone I am here to tell people 10DollarSoloAds is worth the money, I have put my order in yesterday and today my ad is up running that is amazing,The thing is its only cost $10 and I am happy my business is out there making money for me while I am sleeping,Try 10Dollar Solo Ads its worth it.Thank you.

Terri StanleyFizzy Home

Great ad copy, quick and easy process. So far, very pleased with 10DollarSoloAds.

Mary Griffith Mary GriffithHelping Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Online

The staff at this establishment are very friendly and supportive. They really offer phenomenal value in exchange for the service you receive. Excellent overall rating!!

Kim ArtistKim Artist

I have been using this company for 1 week exactly today and I will honestly say that this is an amazing company. So far I have received nearly 200 targeted clicks to my site and have gotten many opt-in leads to my business. I have 3 weeks left of this company doing work on my behalf with just a single small $40 payment and I cannot even imagine the kind of results I will get after this next 3 weeks. Thank you so much again 10DSA!

kevinfabric fabric discount fabric

very good company to work with and they have result

Robert W. Bostic Robert W. Bostic

This site is one of the most easiest site to work with. My ads go out quick and I get plenty of clicks. We love it !! Thanks to 10dollarsoloads my business is on the move.

Quiana Lundy

Wonderful service.

Dave Davemeetdavemorgan

These guys did a fantastic job with my solo ad. I was able to use there copy to come up with a very good ad. I would certainly use them again.


Thank you for the wonderfully written solo ad! You do great work and I will definitely return!

ernest dixonicoinpro

yes the written was very good exllence profesional written done

Robert W. Bostic Robert W. Bostic

I just start with solo ads this week and I must say!!!! They are quick to respond with ad writing and getting my email marketing program up and running Fast!!! Lots of clicks to boot!! Highly recommend this service.

Alzeta CBBusiness Credit Line for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Real Estate Investors

Yes, I'm happy with my new ad you created. Thank you

Ron Jeffries Ron Jeffries

Great experience with 10 Dollar Solo Ads. Excellent support in setting up ad and super fast set up!

Vuyisile RensSilver Flame Trading 524 CC

10dollar solo ads is the best choice if you decide to advertise your business on a shoe string budget. The service is quick and simple, with the staff responding quickly to a client's demands. I highly recommend this service to all entrepreneurs.

John S. John S.Wow!

I love the writing done by the staff! Very well written.

Eric forner Eric fornerLeverage Your Future

Very well written Ad copy.. 100% satisfied. Im very impressed. Thank you very much.

Eric Forner

marianna giugniAutomated lead machine

Thank you for the help in writing my ad. I am new to solo ads, I love that there is someone to help whenever need be. Thank so much!

JonathanEmail Processing System

I've recieved nothing but perfect help when i have a question for them at 10 Dollar Solo Ads. I just had them write an ad for me, and it's definately better than what I had written before. I'm excited about seeing what kind of conversions it might turn into.

Mike Duncan Mike DuncanPower Lead System

So far so good, so easy to use and set up, they even did my swipe for me at no extra cost, if you're thinking of using solo ads then just sign up and get going

Rita Andrews-TaylorSteps 4 Success

Awesome ad copy, I just added it to my mailing campaign. I submitted my information on Thursday and got it back within 24 hours.

mascheria g perdue mascheria g perdue

I love you guys. I would never go to anyone else.

Eugene Mason

Great ad copy!

Thank you George

Angela Amos Angela AmosPlatinum World Team Build

Awesome, professionally created ad! Super fast and courteous service and add in a great price and you can't beat 10DollarSoloAds!

Chris Paulus Chris PaulusChris Paulus Inc

Great service! Placed an order on the weekend and they contacted me first thing Monday morning!

Omar MullanLive Good With Omar

Very professional service. The service they provide is top notch. They are very helpful on setting up my solo ad campaign, from writhing the perfect email to sending it out for me. Im very happy with 10dollarsoloads.

Neville JamesAA1bestlife

I very pleased with the prompt and professional service I recieved from 10 Dollar Solo Ads. Very professional and timely

christopher di ramos

New to solo ads, requested an ad writing to be made and came in the next day with great content!

Tracy Miller Tracy MillerUltibizopp

10 Dollar Solo Ads offer amazing results on quality targeted traffic, list building, and sales. They also have top notch ad writing.
In short 10 Dollar Solo Ads ROCK!!!

Darell Provost

I was looking for an ad service that was reasonably priced and could help with the ad writing process.10DollarSoloAds provided me the answer. I will continue using their services in this regard.

David Richard

Yes the ad copy you wrote for me seems very professional....thanks much!


Tom Dennistomscandleshops

I waited to long to take advantage of the ad writing service you provide. The copy is very well done to the point and persuasive.
I know I will get much better results now.
Thank You,


Domonique Law Domonique LawMCA

One of the best solo ad services thus far im very impressed by there professional ad writing skills im a happy customer!!!!

Paul Tingley Paul TingleyHelping others make money

The copy I received for my 10DollarSoloAds was fast and exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend the service to anyone in business. Sincere thanks!

Peter Neale Peter Neale

Great 1st impression, always the sign of an honest and caring company ... helpfull and extremely responsive, another great sign ... I look forword to the campaigns ahead !


this is awesome gotten great results had great sales thank you

Edward Lomax

Hey guys, thank you for the professional ad you guys wrote for me ! I'm not the best writer of ads, so it was great to know O could count on your professional input for my marketing needs ! Keep up the good work !

Kent Carlsen

Excellent ad. Thanks

Tim Murray Tim Murraylambogold

The writing provided by 10dollarsoloads.com is absolutely fantastic. I feel that I have found a perfect support for organizing and delivering my solo ads. As a busy entrepreneur, This has helped me streamline my productivity.
Thanks to George and 10dollarsoloads!

Donata MooringWakaya Perfection

I just started using 10DollarSoloAds. I am so impressed with 10DollarSoloAds professionalism and timely service. I want to use them everyday for my business.

Ernie Yribe Ernie YribeYourCardioForLife

Thank you for your ad copy. I really am very much appreciative for the work you did on my ad copy. I believe you hit it
right on the nose.

Thank you for your help and your great ad copy.

Ernie Yribe
Temecula California

Taulafo Telesa Taulafo Telesa

I couldn't ask fir a better ad. Its my first time using 10dollar solo ad. I just started my online business and didnt know how to get traffic or write an ad. Thank you so much! Aloha ?

Rhoda Bazil

I am very satisfied with the ad copy you made for my website. If it gets me a lot of hits and sales then I will be ordering more solos from your company.

Jeffrey WilsonSelect 40 Marketing, LLC

I am very impressed with the quality of the content provided in the email you have composed for me. It is as if you reached into my thoughts and found the words I actually wanted. Thank you so much. I can assure you I will be doing all my solo ads here...

Wilfredo Maldonadofinanciallibertyforever

I thought I was a good ad writter but you guys are amazing. My ad looks and sounds incredible thank you guys....

Shatieya Tanay Shatieya TanayHelping Business Owners Build Success

In business you can have it all, but you can't do it all. So having professionals write my ad and set it up for me is amazing. business owner win win!

Robert James Robert JamesRobert J Promotions

I have found 10 Dollar Ads to be a great partner to work with. Communication with them is fast and my ad campaign was begun very quickly.

frances moskowitz1961

i am very pleased with the ad.it is very well written.

Anthonia YatesOSP

10 Dollar Solo Ass is awesome they created a fail proof ad to help generate lots of leads

Chris Wiggins Chris Wigginsmycyberfund

This IS the easiest traffic I've ever got!

Jerry Rodriquez Jerry RodriquezDirect Cellars

Extremely easy to use and for the price...well this is the only way to do solo ads!!!

Angela Zimniak Angela ZimniakNotary on The Run

Excellent service. Easy access. Great price. As a newbie I hope for great results!

Angelo Iannello Angelo IannelloLife Settlement Benefits

Great service. Excellent way to market and test the waters in different markets. I would highly recommend.

Jacob Laguerre Jacob LaguerreRetire With James

Their professional ad writing is top of the line. They're very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone that's marketing online.

ALLAN WAREBusiness Success Alliance

Hi, My name is Allan Ware and I wanted to share with you how fantastic 10Dollarsoloads is. I highly recommend them.

Sincerely, Allan Ware

Lula Jackson Lula JacksonRecruit Like A Machine

I am very happy with the written ad, I am impressed with the way you put it together using a video, it got to the point explained actually what the website is all about. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and put it all in writing so quickly, I am very pleased, happy and excited.

Jorge Saldana

10Dollarsoloads is the best way to get clicks for your website. I will keep using them because the results are always excellent!

Stephanie RosenauBusiness Made Smooth

The ad that the wrote for me is amazing! I am very impressed by my first campaign!

Ruth BirdGet Started Learn Be Super Affiliate

Hi, thank you for a great job. Excellent communications, fast service for my ad copy, and a great one at that! You make it all so easy.

Benjamin EhingerWriting by Benjamin

I have used 10DollarSoloAds in the past with great success. The price is just right for my type of business and the marketing we do. Love the fast results and the great support!!

Sue Plunkett

I used the Ad writing service. They were prompt and accurate with information. It made my busy life much easier since all I had to do was copy and paste the ad. Thanks!!

Art KenthSkinny Body Care

Im so happy because of all the help you have given me in getting my website in front of thousands of prospects. I really appreciate the ads you have written for me. Very professional and keep up the good work.....Art Kenth

James AndersonCerberus Group Holdings, LLC

I like the ease of use. The site was easy to navigate and for a fresh campaign in a testing phase, the price point was with in reach of my budget before scaling up. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to get the coverage they need at a price that is manageable.

Jason ManifestP.S. George is awesome!

I absolutely love the results I am receiving from these hot solo ads. Thank you so much for giving me that boost into my online business. Absolutely Awesome!

Robert Wiggins Robert WigginsTools4Success

I have been using 10dollarsoloads.com now for about a month and have been very please with the optins I have been receiving. I will continue to use 10dollarsoloads.com. Thanks.

John Valdez

My ad has started and I'm getting great traffic. Looking good!

Sandra Weintraub Sandra Weintraub

5 Stars. 10DollarSoloAds is helping me get new business

Dolores MendezSkinny Body Care

I've gotten great results from using 10dollarsoloads.com They have always delivered as promised, if not more. Also, their customer service is excellent! A big plus! Throughout each campaign, they are checking in to make sure we're happy and offering their assistance if we need it.

Caterina Christakos Caterina ChristakosCaterina Christakos

I have been using 10dollarsoloads for several of my online businesses. Every time the customer service has been exceptional. They help me write ads, re-write ads I have written and make sure that everything is running smoothly. On top of that, I receive far better results from this solo ad company than I from any other that I have used. This is absolutely worth every penny.

Dragons PearlColor-InBooks

I have been following 10dollarsoloads for a long time and finally decided to join in. I am glad I did, I can tell it is going to be a great adventure.

Stacy Lewis Stacy LewisFood that's good for the soul

I had a great response with my 1st solo ad. I will definitely be using 10 Dollar Solo Ads again

Carl Heegaard Carl HeegaardGobbligoop Enterprises

I am thoroughly impressed with not only the approach but the professionalism and seriousness that Solo Ads has taken in listening to me and what I need. If things work out as I hope they will, then I am convinced I made the right choice placing my advertising needs with Solo Ads

Dominic Sardone Dominic SardoneGod is Great All the Time

I used your service a few years ago with success and thought I would try it again. Thanks again!

Edwin L. Bartley Edwin L. Bartley

Just an Awesome way to advertise your Business!

Mohamad Khairol Hadizam Mohamad Khairol HadizamKaratbars International

Love the simple and user-friendly setup by 10dollarsoloads, moreover the fees are the best of all solo ad out there. I strongly recommend to use this platform for a frequent advert.

Ammar AmmarMy2income

Awesome Experience with 10DollarSoloAds. Great to be here 🙂

Michael Brooks Michael Brooks

Whether, the results come or not 10 dollar solo ads customers service is excellent. I didn't expect as must help I have gotten and as fast that they gave it to me.

Thank You 10 dollar solo ads,
Michael Brooks

John Lockhart John LockhartCortex Hosts - Australian Premium Hosting Company

10DollarSoloAds are Phenomenal, easy to use, Reliable, Fairly Priced, awesome. Keep up the Fantastic work guys, i love 10DollarSoloAds. I am so proud to use you guys, for my Solo Ads 110% OUT OF 100%, amazing Work Guys.

Bruce Ballard Bruce BallardGoWeb Associates LLC

This is a great program and low cost for the start up marketers and businesses in general. I highly recommend this program!

Murali KabirdassProfitrade

Just placed an order and joined your network. It was really excellent experience from your support team and the way they respond to queries. All the best. Please keep up your good work.

Linda HarveyNew Mexico Pets Alive

Easy to set up. Thanks for all your help.

Rhonda ShirleyWINWorldwide

George has been very helpful. Thanks for excellent service so far.

Kristie Schwartz

A good experience so far. Easy to work with and George is always helpful in the customer service dept.

Michael SeagraveVillageHouse Marketing

Wow! 10dollarsoloads.com is the real deal!
I am blown away at their program.
Their customer service alone is awesome, but more than that...the click rate I've been getting is insane.
Best choice I've made yet has been to get their services for my campaign. The numbers are as incredible.

Thanks for everything!


Michael Vickers

This is my first time using Solo Ad mailing. Found out it is very easy to have them write my ad. I hope to get good results.

DebraDeBastianiInfamous Debbie

This is the best site yet for safe traffic and the customer service is always available for any question or concerns I may have. Thank you so much 10dollarsoloads

Imran Alkhairy

I just want to thank 10DollarSoloAds Team they are very cooperative and helped me with writing my ads.

I've never been good at writing ads and I always struggle to write one.

Thanks for solving my problem and writing a great ad for me.

Jared Okshowtobuildchest

So far have gotten great results from my campaign. Thank you.

AngelaPet Protector Australia

I am getting good results from this, and I like that it is pretty much set and forget. I have a great business opportunity and this is a wonderful way to let people know about it.


10dollarSoloads are the best thing that happened to me. Top Notch Solo ads with easy delivery system. High Quality responses. Very good. Thanks.

James GarrettMaking Money online

So far, so good. I have only ran one ad and I am already loving the results! I'm sure I'll be running quite a few ads using 10DollarSoloAds.com!