Why Email Solo Ads Are A Better Value Than PPC or Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever started a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you’ve probably quickly realized how expensive it could get.

There are hundreds of complicated settings, strategy decisions, bidding wars, and geotargeting choices to be made. 

And once you start getting traffic, what happens if it doesn’t convert? You’ve just spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it.

According to a recent survey of pay-per-click marketers, only 8% of marketers succeed with their PPC campaigns.

Pay-per-click prices for popular keywords can stretch into the $10-$20 range per click. Yes, you read that correctly; that price is per click!

If you don’t have a proven sales funnel in place before initiating a PPC campaign, you will quickly find yourself pouring money into an unproven abyss of low conversion rates.

What are sales funnels, and why are they important?

A sales funnel is defined as the sequence of steps from when someone first visits your website until they become a paying customer.

Most sales funnels start with a lead capture page where the visitor can enter their essential contact information to receive a free report, a discount coupon, or to claim a special promotion. 

For example, once a visitor enters their contact information, they might be redirected to a benefits web page where they can read how and why your service can benefit them.

At the bottom of that page, they might then see an ordering button where they click through to become a paying customer.

In this example of a basic 3 step sales funnel, the visitor needs to be compelled at each step to advance to the next stage of the sales funnel process. If there is a weak link in the sales funnel chain, you risk losing the customer and losing the sale.

Now imagine pouring thousands dollars in pay-per-click0 ads 0into an unproven sales funnel that either doesn’t work or has a weak link that decreases sales. (Maybe the sales page has a broken link, maybe the benefits page isn’t compelling, maybe there are significant issues with your pricing or sales pitch.)

Until you know that your sales funnel works (either through proven sales or analytics that prove your conversion rate), you should not be using PPC or Facebook Ads.

How do email solo ads allow you to test a sales funnel?

One of the most significant advantages of email marketing is the ability to test your sales funnel inexpensively. For literally a fraction of the price as PPC or Facebook ads, a targeted solo ad campaign can provide you with clicks and sales to your website without the downside of spending hundreds or thousands of valuable marketing dollars.

Solo ads provide the ability to test web traffic from different targeting niches, countries, genders, etc. Discovering what type of niche traffic yields the best results on your website can be worth its weight in gold.

How do email blasts provide unmatched value?

Getting your offer in front of thousands of new search visitors can be very expensive. So why spend $10-20 per click when you can get similar traffic for pennies per click? There is a reason why you see opt-in boxes that ask for your name and email address all over the internet. Marketers are discovering that email ad traffic converts just as well as PPC traffic for a fraction of the cost. 

Email traffic works so well because you can reach the potential customer exclusively and privately in their inbox. They see your persuasive copywriting when they open your email ad and fully engage with your offer with very little outside distraction.

In contrast, with PPC search ads, the potential customer sees dozens of links and options on the same search page. It’s easy for your ad to get lost in the shuffle if it’s not perfectly crafted and optimized. In other words, there is no room for error with PPC and Facebook ads.

With PPC ads, you are in a bidding war with hundreds of other business owners. With a targeted email campaign, you can reach the exact audience without the stress of bidding and competing with other companies.

When buying a solo ad, you know your total cost upfront. 

With solo ads, marketers can test different niche categories at a set cost, and you can experiment with various offers without a catastrophic pay-per-click cost failure. With PPC marketing or Facebook ads, you might unwittingly pour hundreds or thousands of dollars on an ineffective campaign until you have a proven sales funnel in place.

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