Cheaper Solo Ads that Convert to Sales

What if I told you that there was a way to get affordable, targeted traffic to your website for almost no money? And what if I also said to you that this form of traffic has an extremely high conversion rate? And it’s all through the power of solo ads? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, luckily, it’s not, and you can find out how to do it yourself by reading this guide on cheaper solo ads that convert to sales!

Many marketers fall for the trap of high-cost PPC (pay per click) traffic. While this type of traffic can be effective, it can be costly if you don’t have a proven sales funnel and ad in place.

Solo ads can make a great addition to your marketing strategy. For much less money, you can drive targeted traffic to your links without the high cost of PPC marketing.

Top 3 Ways Solo Ad Traffic Works
There are three main ways solo ad traffic can work for you. You’ll need to have a website or affiliate link of some kind before you start, but you can use these methods individually or together, depending on your needs. The three most common ways solo ads get people through a door are: promoting your products and services, purchasing leads and flipping those leads into sales, and acting as an affiliate through affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s products). In any case, there are things you need to know if you’re going to run with solo ads.

Buying Cheaper Top Quality Solo Ad Traffic
While there are many smaller and cheaper solo ad providers, only a few solo ad networks deliver top-quality traffic consistently. 10DollarSoloAd offers large databases of potential customers in hundreds of different targeting niches, thus saving you both time and money in your solo ads campaign. Not only will you receive a better ROI from using our service, but you’ll also be able to save time by not waiting around for low-quality clicks that do not convert into sales or qualified leads. Look for consistent high conversions with any network you consider buying from and test them before spending your hard-earned cash. There are some great affordable options out there if you know where to look!

Top Solo Ad Providers
There are numerous top solo ad providers, with 10DollarSoloAds being a favorite among marketers. Like any industry, some top solo ad providers are better than others. If you’re unsure who is best for your situation and business model, do a little bit of research. By thoroughly comparing various offerings and checking out a provider’s reviews, you can ensure you’re getting a quality service that drives high-quality traffic to your website (while spending as little money as possible). Since most of these services cost around $100 per thousand visitors or less – if done right – it doesn’t take much effort to drive ROI in terms of sales.

How To Write An Ad With A High ROI (Return On Investment)
When running solo ads, we usually think about how much we can save by cutting out some of those affiliates. But we should also be asking ourselves how much better our campaign will perform if we give it a bit more attention. There are ways to improve your ROI on solo ads even if you’re using an existing service, such as Splitly. However, you may be paying for features and services that are not helping your bottom line. To make sure you’re getting more bang for your buck, here are five easy steps for writing a high-converting ad.

How To Write A High Converting Ad In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Identify your ideal customer. Know exactly who you’re trying to reach with your ad. The people you target will be a lot more likely to click through on your ad than someone who doesn’t know what it is about.
  2. Focus on benefits, not features: Think of all of the different features and benefits that come with whatever you’re selling (or what you want them to buy). Use these features and benefits in your ad copy when you try out different variations to discover which ones resonate most with your target audience (and convert most effectively).
  3. State an emotional need. People do business with those they feel comfortable with and trust, says Deidre Wicks, who runs $2 Million PR Solutions. So make a personal connection in your ad by telling people what you can help them with.
  4. Educate your prospects. Attract prospects by teaching them about something related to your product or service, such as how you got started or why you decided to provide such a service (even if it’s not directly related).
  5. Close with a solid call to action. A call-to-action is a word or phrase that encourages customers to take immediate action, such as buy now or find out more. Calls-to-action boost conversion rates for several reasons. When shoppers are deciding whether to buy from you or not, it can help seal the deal when you ask them explicitly for their business with a strong call to action. Additionally, using calls-to-action on your website helps guide customers through your sales funnel and towards checkout. Calls-to-action is essential on all pages of your site, including product pages and landing pages where you advertise products or services.

Final Thoughts on Cheap, Effective, and Responsive Solo Ad Campaigns
Cheaper solo ads are a great way to drive high-quality traffic. And when we say high quality, we mean website visitors looking for solutions, products, or services like yours. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising campaigns just to get targeted traffic. Instead, by purchasing solo ad placements from an established and well-reviewed solo ad provider, you can expect an excellent ROI for your money. Not only will you receive high levels of interest in your business due to how direct these ads are, but sales conversions from cheap solo ad campaigns also happen quickly and regularly and with much better results than other forms of paid advertising.

Learn more about how our service can drive traffic to your links
From my previous conversations with marketers and solo ad customers, I’ve discovered that many people want something cheaper than what they are currently getting. However, some can’t spend as much as they should on a good quality solo ad because their budget isn’t high enough. This means two things: they get lower quality traffic, and they make fewer sales. We believe there is an effective solution for both issues. The first step is to find cheaper solo ads where you can spend a little less without sacrificing your income so much (we recommend $10/week). Our service fills this niche and offers cheaper solo ads without sacrificing the quality of the ad.

For more information about our affordable solo ad traffic service and how it can boost your profits, please visit our pricing page or contact us for more details.