How To Write A Catchy Solo Ad Subject Line

Do you know how to write a catchy solo ad subject line that grabs attention? As a marketer or small business owner, you should.

Solo ads are great! They are among the fastest ways out there to get a lot of eyeballs on your opportunities. But without snappy subject lines that compel prospects to click through to your offers, nobody is going to open or read your email ads. You won’t sell a thing!

To help you generate more leads and sales, here’s a brief guide on writing subject lines for solo ads…

How To Write Catchy Solo Ad Subject Lines

Use words proven to get clicks

If you want the recipients of your emails to take action, use action-oriented words – verbs that prompt action. Using these verbs at the beginning, especially, can make headlines significantly more attractive.

Using power words is another good way to make your headlines more clickable. Including language that your audience typically uses (industry lingo, etc.) can help you connect with your readers.

Include numbers

Just as numbered lists are effective in blog post titles, numbers are effective in email subject lines. Numbers (specifically numerals) stand out visually. Also, they promise something specific and imply a fast, easy read.

There are many ways to use numbers in subject lines. They might describe a special discount percentage, the title of your list article, or the benefits of your offer, or even the time that it takes to read your email.

Make it urgent and exclusive

As mentioned in a recent post, creating a sense of urgency is important when it comes to solo ads. But it’s not just the email sales copy that should make the reader want to act now. Your subject line should, too.

According to HubSpot, email subject lines that create a sense of urgency can attract a 22% higher open rate. Subject lines that include elements of exclusivity have shown to deliver the same results.

Be clear and concise

Unless you’re specifically looking to entice the recipients with subtleties that drive curiosity, it is best to write subject lines that are clear and concise. In other words, keep your message short and to the point.

People generally scan their emails quickly, so the more long-winded the subject, the more likely it is that your offer will be overlooked. Concise subjects tend to work best, particularly when they highlight benefits.

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