How To Write An Autoresponder Sequence That Sells

The money is in the list, as they say. No doubt. But, it’s what you do with it that counts!

So, you built a great-looking blog, paid top dollar for high-quality web development and content, and your website is finally starting to rank in the SERPs. Your mailing list is growing. The question now is, how do you monetize it?

Answer: Learn how to write autoresponder sequences that sell.

Autoresponders are the unsung, hardworking heroes of content marketing. They work day and night, whether you are working, eating, or sleeping, continuously reaching out to prospects and creating opportunities for growth and profit. Will you take advantage?

Here’s how you go about creating high-converting autoresponders…

How To Write Autoresponder Sequences That Sell 

Provide value

Write valuable content. Sending emails that do not offer value is a bad idea. Not only is this a surefire way to lose authority, but also prospects might opt out of your list.

With email marketing, value is king. It’s important to be patient and provide something that subscribers can actually use. It can be tips, tricks, or just useful information that helps to simplify their lives in some way. It doesn’t matter what type of content it is, as long as it is relevant and valuable to your audience.

Show prospects that you aren’t just looking to sell some product or service. Also, be consistent about it. Balance promoting and providing value at a ratio of say one to five. This way, you come off as a subject matter expert rather than a sleazy marketer.

Create suspense  

Suspense can help you sell. One thing to keep in mind when writing effective email copy for a sequence is that these are not your standard email blasts. They need to be more.

Ideally, you want your autoresponder subscribers to keep reading the emails in your autoresponder series until the end. To hook your audience and hold their interest, infuse suspense into your writing. Use time constraints. Present dilemmas. Be unpredictable. There are many ways to create suspense with both your headlines and the body content.

Now, the autoresponders don’t need to be glaring cliffhangers like something out of a John Grisham novel. That can be annoying. But for best results with your marketing, your messages should leave prospects wanting and waiting for more.

Get personal 

Well, you have your list. And your loyal subscribers. They open your emails a lot of the time. But maybe one of the small things that your messages are lacking is personality?

Using humor is an excellent way to infuse personality into autoresponder email sequences. For example, you could educate prospects on a certain topic of relevance, but spice the messages up with a bit of fun and quirk in the writing. In time, you may even come to be known as their ‘funny teacher,’ which can yield amazing results.

Personality helps to keep your subscribers engaged, and this is something worth implementing if you want your autoresponder sequence to convert. Inject some attitude, humor, or extra wit. When executed correctly, this can be incredibly effective.

Be direct 

Many times, the direct approach works best. Ask questions and invite subscribers to reply to your emails with the answers. Tell readers what you would like them to do.

Do you have a Facebook page linked to your blog? Twitter, perhaps? Use this to make your list more responsive. Encourage readers to interact with your posts on social media, ensuring that you have the necessary buttons and links. You may find that if someone missed something in your sequence, they will often go looking for it on social.

Guiding readers toward taking specific actions with CTAs in your emails is a proven way to write autoresponders that sell. It is important, though, that your messages come across as authentic and that the desired actions are really easy to take.

Time it right  

Timing is key when it comes to creating successful & effective email autoresponder series. The times at which you send out emails can have a massive impact on conversion rates.

What’s the best time to send out autoresponders? That depends on several factors, but in most cases prospects are not going to be checking their emails at 4 in the morning. If you want subscribers to open, read, and respond to your messages, consider sending them when your audience is most likely to be active, such as in the afternoon.

If you are having trouble setting up your email sequences and timing, you may want to look into GetResponse email marketing software. Their advanced dashboard makes it easy to set up in such a way that your emails always go out at exactly the right time.

Deliver what you promised

Delivering on your promises is essential. If you don’t, any time and money you may have invested into your autoresponder sequences goes down the drain.

Imagine subscribing to a list that promises to teach you email marketing in 5 days. Day one, you receive the email, and it’s great. Day two, same thing. Come day three, nothing. No email. You are stuck midway through your course. It’s very disheartening. You even purchased the recommended AWeber software. So, you unsubscribe.

For success with autoresponders, you have to write all the emails in advance and load them to the sequence. When you’re not available, the emails still go out. You don’t want to lose subscribers because you failed to send out a critical part of your series.

The Takeaway… 

When you have a targeted mailing list and know how to write an autoresponder sequence that sells, success is imminent. However, it is important that you have a marketing strategy based on research and best practices.

Actually, it’s not terribly difficult to sell with a list if you have the right tools and execute the planning process correctly. Then, as the sales start rolling in, you can leverage insights and come up with more content and better products and services to promote.

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