Writing Effective Email Copy: 7 Tips & Techniques For Success

When it comes to writing effective email copy, QUALITY matters. It is one of the major factors that determines if an email advertisement succeeds or not. Writing an email copy is more of an art than discipline, making it different from other existing types of business writing. In this article are seven tips and techniques in writing effective email copy.

1. Always focus on your subject line. The subject line may be the shortest piece of writing but it’s one of the most important elements of your email campaign. When writing subject lines, take note of the following:
• Include some essential information. Subject lines don’t necessarily go beyond its required character limit. However, providing important information first will help you ensure that your message is conveyed to the right audience.
• Look up to any existing subject lines for inspiration. Read magazines, newspapers and journals for ideas. Contemplate on the previous email campaigns you received. Determine the fascinating ones that can be your brainwave in coming up with a subject line.

2. Make your email copy compelling to readers. Half of the world’s number of avid internet users are easily persuaded by email campaigns with a touch of personal note. The trick in making your email copy worth reading: Avoid too many formal speeches and use conversational terms.

3. Always include a “Call to Action”. Keep in mind that writing effective email copy is about telling people, your target readers in general, what you want them to do. Get across your point of convincing them using your most desired approach.

4. Put in some “promotional copy”. The purpose of email copy is to promote a product/service, introduce special offers and announce campaign-related news. Here are few examples of putting promotional copy in your email writing:
• Including tips or a “checklist” regarding seasonal offers.
• Supplementing new company announcements with the help of a “promotional leader” from a supporting industry.

5. Give your readers the enticement to act. Provide some reasons to purchase your product in your email copy. Most internet users have shorter interest spans and the only thing you can do is to give them forceful reasons to purchase your offer or visit your site.

6. DO NOT send multiple advertisements to your list every day. This will result in list fatigue and a list of prospects who do not enjoy receive your emails.

7. Always make your readers involved. Consider the use of “interactive channels” in engaging readers. Make them feel like they’re part of your content by adding these details:
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
• Reader case studies and polls.
• User-generated email content for interaction purposes.

8. Place yourself in the shoes of your readers. When everything boils down, email copy writers and marketers must look at their readers’ perspective. According to email marketing blogger Pat Friesen, understanding the readers is important in writing effective email copy since this is where the foundation of successful campaign ties takes place.