5 Essential Factors For Writing An Effective Solo Email Ad

You may have heard about email advertising and solo ads being a great way to sell your product. The truth is, solo ads really do work. Ask the professional internet marketers and they will tell you that solo email advertising can bring in huge amounts of sales and income.

But just simply entering your website with some text is not going to bring in the sales. You need to know how to effectively use the power of solo ads to your advantage.

Below are some tips that will help you start writing effective solo ads that bring in big results…

1. Creating The Subject Line

The most important line of your solo ad is the subject line of the email. The subject line must be attention grabbing and eye catching. The more it entices the recipient to open the email the better the results you will have from the campaign.

The goal of your email subject should be to instantly get the attention of your reader. Keep in mind that readers are immune and bored by subject lines such as “read this!” or “please open”. Entice your readers with a well thoughtout and descriptive subject line that will peak their curiosity and get them to open your email.

2. Designing Your Ad Body

It is important when writing your solo email ad body that you write an ad that flows well and is easy to read. According to studies, readers do not initially read what they see. First they scan and then decide whether or not to read. A big mistake that many beginner advertisers make is to jumble all of their text into one large paragraph. Do not use long sentences or paragraphs as they will detract from your message and cause people to stop reading. As a general rule of thumb, the shorter your paragraphs are the better.

3. Do Not Sell In Your Solo Ad

Contrary to what you may think the goal of your solo ad is not to sell anything. That is the purpose of your website or sales team. The goal of your solo ad is to create leads and entice readers to visit your website to read more. In the long run you will get many more sales and revenue if you let your website do the selling and use your solo ads as a tool to generate visitors and leads.

Some methods that internet marketers use are free ports, free trials, or free books. By giving something of value your readers you establish trust and good will that will translate later into sales. Building a good rapport with your visitors and leads is the most important steps to breaking down barriers and generating more sales.

4. Create A Sense Of Urgency

When you send out a solo ad it is important to create a sense of urgency in your words. Tell your readers that the offer is for a limited time and may not be available tomorrow. By creating a sense of urgency you are encouraging your readers to take action now and not tomorrow when they may forget about your offer. It is important to give them a very good reason why they should act today.

5. Don’t Forget A Call To Action

You will be wasting your time and money if you forget to include a call to action in your solo ads. A call to action tells the reader what they need to do next in order to take advantage of your offer. You might tell them to click on your link and visit your website. You might tell them to pick up the phone and call you. Regardless you must include a call to action that is clear so that the reader knows exactly what to do next.