Solo Ad Basics & Tips

A solo ad is a form of advertisement being sent out to the entire subscriber base of an online newsletter (ezine). Many advertisers believe that solo ads are more effective to use in embedding regular ezine issues. However, not all ezine owners are using solo advertisements but those who are often using them are charged for placing ezine ads, especially the ones embedded within customary issues.

The secret of every solo ad’s role in making a solo ad successful: considering the smallest things in order to make it right. Creating solo ads is not that easy. Ezine advertisers have the responsibility to ensure that the ads being sent to their subscribers can generate better investment returns, making their ezine ad worth it.

Solo ads are a powerful tool used in promoting an affiliate product or website. They are also used in creating a buzz and large number of visitors in your site. They are as influential as web content articles in terms of marketing. In some cases, solo advertisements are meant to spawn quicker responses than distributing articles written for the web.
The secret in creating effective solo ads are explained in these eight useful tips.

The most important rule in creating a solo ad: Come up with a catchy subject line. Make sure that your subject line will determine either the ad will generate interest from your readers or not. Get rid of too lengthy subject lines to avoid confusion from readers. Go straight to the point.

Make use of convincing words such as free or save in order to capture your audience’s attention. The ultimate goal of creating an effective solo ad is to tempt your target audience (the readers themselves) to read the sales letter you provided.

Always remember that solo advertisements don’t sell anything. Focus on creating an ad that will infuse your reader’s personal desire.

Make sure that your website is beneficial in generating massive results. This is in order to earn more profit from whatever solo ad you created.

Your solo advertisements must be conversational. The secret in making a solo ad worth reading: limiting the number of jargons used in writing your subject line etc. Come up with simple words and provide valuable information.

Solo advertisements must be targeted at the right audience. One of the few misconceptions about creating a solo ad is that you can write a single ad for everyone. However, that is not acceptable. Before creating a solo ad, always know your target readers.

Make your readers feel connected with the product or service you’re offering. This will create an atmosphere for developing trust between you and your audience.

Solo advertisements must come in mini-articles. Keep your ad clear and simple, like a mini-article you see on the internet. The trick to making your solo ad effective as a mini-article: providing spaces between subheadings and paragraphs. Add a little information in the article body of your advertisement for better results.