How To Relate To Your Customer And Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Optimizing and improving your visitor to sales conversion ratio can come through several techniques. One of these methods is your ability to relate to your potential customers and form trust between you and the people reading your sales copy.

One of the most effective and easily implemented methods of increasing your sales conversions is to develop a bond between you and the person reading your sales message. The potential customer is much more likely to take the next step and buy your product if they feel like they share something in common with you. They are even more likely to make a purchase if they also feel that they can trust you.

Therefore when writing your email sales copy or website sales copy it is important to relate to your customer on a personal level. There are several techniques that will allow you to develop these psychological triggers. A common approach is to tell a story to your reader that will help them visualize you or your product. If you are selling a “get out of debt” product or service, you could describe to them how you once struggled with debt and describe how being under a mountain of bills made you feel. You can then take it a step further and ask them how they would feel if their financial problems were resolved and they were living debt free. These emotional triggers will help develop a connection between you and your potential customer and allow them to put themselves in your shoes. By putting your customers in your shoes and relating to their emotions you are beginning to harness the power of psychological sales techniques.

If you can put your customer in your shoes, tell them a story that they can relate to, and convince them that by ordering your product or service their problems will be solved then you have created a sequence of psychological sales triggers that will result in higher sales numbers and customer retention.

To further optimize your sales conversions you should focus on further developing the connection between you and your buyer by developing trust. One method of accomplishing this is to establish yourself as an authority figure. Human psychology shows that we are naturally inclined to follow the leadership of experts. To establish yourself as an authority figure you should try to position yourself as an expert. You can do this by providing lists of testimonials of happy customers, explain your experience and credentials and explain why your expertise can benefit them. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field you decrease the skepticism of your potential buyers and build the trust necessary to establish the sale.