How To Setup Your Own List Building Page

Below is a step by step guide to setting up your own list building page. We recommend using a list building approach when running online ad campaigns. List building allows you to collect the information of people who visit your webpage. You will receive their contact information when they use your opt-in form and you will be able to follow up and close the sale with the new leads you receive.

Step 1. Sign up for an autoresponder service

There are many autoresponder services on the internet. Some are more reputable than others. We recommend the following services (these services are some of the most respected in the industry and offer customer support & features that will help you succeed.)

Recommended Service #1

Recommended Service #2

Step 2. Copy & Paste The Opt-In Form Code

After you sign up for an autoresponder service you will receive code that will allow you to create an opt-in form on your webpage. All you need to do is copy and paste the code into your webpage and people will be able to enter their contact information.

Step 3. Don’t have your own website?

If you can’t make changes to your website or don’t have a website we recommend creating your own splash page or landing page. GetResponse includes a landing page generator that integrates perfectly with their autoresponder system. Their beautiful landing page generator will help you create high converting opt-in pages. You may also want to consider using a service like or to create your own landing page.

Step 4. Make sure to promote your webpage with the opt-in form installed

The next step is to promote the page with your new autoresponder opt-in form. People will be able to enter their contact information to receive more information from you. Make sure to follow up with new leads as they opt-in to your account.