How To Design A Landing Page For Solo Ad Traffic

Did you know that a one-second delay in loading a landing page decreases your conversation rate by 7 percent? When building a solo ad landing page, speed, design, and content are essential to increasing your conversion rate. 

Many different strategies around content and design can get used in creating an effective landing page, and the strategy is in part dependent on the service you offer. However, there are some general concepts that any business should implement and consider as they build their landing page. 

If you’re ready to build a landing page that gets conversions, keep reading as we discuss how to design a solo ad landing page.  

Solo Ad Landing Page Design

Using solo ads is an easy way to get started with paid traffic marketing without needing special tools or skills other than basic knowledge of HTML.

There are many benefits to using solo ads as a source of targeted visitors for your website. Benefits include the low cost per visitor, which can be anywhere from $0.01 – $0.25 depending on the list you purchase them from and how well they convert.

To begin designing your landing page, first think about what type of product or service is getting sold. If you’re selling a physical product, then having your landing page represent that is quite important.

If what you’re offering is an information-based product such as a PDF guide or eBook, then these need to get included to provide visitors with a resource without requiring any interaction from them. For example, consider giving away the first few chapters so they can see why your resource has value before asking them to buy anything.

Offers are helpful; however, make sure that you are using them in moderation. Having multiple offers on your landing page can decrease your conversion rate by up to 266 percent. 

The Offer

The most important thing to get right on your landing page is the offer. You want to ensure that your targeted traffic understands why they are there and what they can get in return. The offer is a value proposition that is clear, so visitors know exactly what to expect.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 visitors who read your headline will also read your call-to-action (CTA)? Capture your readers with solid headlines on your landing page. When you get to your CTA, take the time to craft one that works well.

A good offer should be urgent enough for people to take action immediately, but not too pushy, or it can put them off. It’s essential to know the type of personality your target market has when creating an effective call-to-action such as “Download Now” rather than just saying “Click Here.”

If you’re offering a free trial, then include information on your free trial to show how quickly they could get started with your product without making any commitment right away.

A good CTA will help increase conversions by giving customers more flexibility and control over their experience. It will let your customers know that there isn’t anything holding them back from getting started now. 

Answer Questions

After providing the general offer, move on to answer any potential questions the person might have. If your potential customer clicks on your ad, they are already interested in learning more.

It’s your job to provide the knowledge your customer wants. You don’t have to create a FAQ, although a FAQ is helpful for the final sections of your page. However, you should describe all benefits of your product. Elaborate on what it’s about, what it does, or what it can do for them.

Single ad traffic is best suited for single product landing pages. For example, if your ad is about cleaning supplies, you want to ensure your landing page is about the cleaning supplies you’re selling and why your customer needs your product.

Ensure that the answers you provide, convince your customers that your product is the answer to their question.

Device Optimization

Did you know that when it comes to landing pages, only half are optimized for mobile?

In addition to the necessary design elements that we will list below, you also need to ensure that your landing page optimizes for every type of device.

You might want to have different landing pages for the same traffic but for different devices. Optimizing for different devices ensures that everybody gets a personalized approach when visiting your product page.

Design optimization for all types of devices is done by using the proper meta tags, responsive design, and a mobile-friendly approach. Optimizing for mobile means more conversions overall, which leads us to our next point.

Aesthetics and Attractive Design

Beyond the structural components of a solo ad landing page design, you want to ensure that your page is aesthetically pleasing. You can create an aesthetically pleasing page by paying attention to the colors you use, background images, and videos. Videos can improve conversions by 86 percent. 

Your copy needs to stand out as well, so include bold letters throughout your text for headlines and sub-headlines.

Look at the length of articles; you want to keep it somewhat brief while still covering everything necessary for a high-conversion rate landing page.

Your visitors should not be bored or distracted by any element on your page that doesn’t add value to their experience with your product. You might also want to include a “dark” version of your website to cover an even larger audience.

Necessary Design Elements: CTA, Images, and More

There are several design elements that should get included on any landing page created after purchasing solo ad traffic. Design elements you don’t want to forget include having a clear CTA button, large-high-quality images of the product sold or service being provided, and testimonials from past customers to show just how good your offer is.

You want people to click through to your website so you can sell them something, right? Then making this as easy as possible by having a prominent “Buy Now” button with text over it would be enough for most cases.

If your customer has already read through all the information, it’s much more likely they will make a purchase. 

High-quality images give visitors a preview of what they can expect when making a purchase and increase trust, leading to more sales.

Testimonials, Benefits, Descriptions

Having a few testimonials from past customers on each landing page will help to increase trust between you and visitors too.

You can do this by simply asking for permission from previous purchasers. Create a space for past customers to leave feedback about your product online, which is free promotion!

To make your offer as simple as possible, you should only include the main benefits of purchasing from you. You don’t want a potential customer to have any questions or concerns about what they are buying.

If selling a physical product, then this would involve describing exactly why someone needs it. For example, you could explain how many different ways there are for using your product and how it will improve your customer’s life.

Although some people believe that there should be a specific order to design elements, this is not necessarily true. Even though you want your landing pages to funnel your traffic towards conversion, you also want to ensure that all of your design elements are working together. Make your design not just effective in structure but also in aesthetics and functionality to achieve your goals.

List of Design Elements

Below is a list of design elements you should consider adding to your landing page to ensure it makes the most impact on your ad traffic. These are not ordered in any particular way.

  • Clear Call to Action Button
  • High-quality images
  • Videos
  • Testimonials from past customers
  • Main Benefits of Product Sold
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Fonts in line with the product image
  • Length of content not imposing
  • Reasons visitors should buy from you instead of your competition
  • Create urgency with discounts or other incentives
  • Targeted web copy

Each of these design elements, when incorporated correctly, will help your conversion rate and boost your business. 

Start Your Solo Ad Campaign Today 

The best way to design a solo ad landing page is by including all of the relevant elements mentioned above. Keep in mind that although an order may not be dictated, it’s still important to consider certain features over others when designing your pages.

Start your solo ad campaign today and see your conversion rate improve. 10 Dollar Solo Ads is here to help you create better solo ads that work. If you’re interested in full-scale solo ad services, get in touch with us, and we will happily accommodate your needs.