How Solo Ad Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Email marketing through solo ads is one of the most cost effective tools available to promote a website or product.

Getting visitors to your website through an email campaign can be an effective way to test the effectiveness of your website, sales copy, and/or product popularity.

To get the most out of your email marketing campaign we recommend several potential strategies:

1./ Focus on an individual promotion or product.

By focusing on one of your products or one specific promotion you are running you are narrowing the focus of your campaign and allowing your reader to make a decision based on a simplified pitch. This will prevent your potential buyers from getting overwhelmed by your full product line or a large website with multiple pages.

2./ Tease the reader with useful information

Providing your reader and potential customer with a useful amount of information that will help them solve a problem. Give the reader something of value but make sure to provide them with an incomplete solution so that they are enticed to buy your product or service to fully solve their problem.

Some service oriented companies will provide the reader with a complete solution to their problem and then advertise to do the work for them.

3./ Use an informative article as an introduction to your business

Providing an article that provides the reader with value can be a good way to introduce your company to a new audience. By providing the reader with free information or something of value you are fostering a feeling of trust and good will which the reader will appreciate when being introduced to your product or service.