5 Easy To Use Tricks For Improving Your Email Click-Through Rate

Email advertising is one of the most powerful tools to advertise your website. Therefore, to optimize your marketing efforts, it is essential to improve your click-through rate as much as possible. Gaining the best possible click-through rate will help you get more people to your website to purchase your product or service.

We’ve all been there. We’ve sent an email out, and the results haven’t quite been what we expected. Perhaps nobody responds, the click rate is low, maybe nobody ordered.

The good news is there are several ways we can improve click-through rates and win more sales and traffic to our websites.

1. Be Clean & Concise

Have you ever gotten an email with one giant block of text? Do you remember how frustrating that was to try and read?

A long and garbled message with no breaks or paragraphs will result in a low click-through rate. It’s essential to write the email in a way that looks clean and concise with an adequate number of paragraph breaks or lines so that your reader continues reading through your message. 

Human eyes need a break every few sentences, and by spacing lines or paragraphs, you are helping your reader get through your message without having to work too hard. 

Organize your message so that your website link appears every few paragraphs. Writing a clean and organized ad with a clear call to action will dramatically increase your click rate over a garbled and verbose ad.

2. Put The Best Content At The Top

Many readers will only end up reading the first few sentences of your message. Once they start reading, the clock is ticking. If you don’t engage or catch their attention within the first few seconds, you have likely lost a sale or potential click-through.

Make sure that you capture their attention with your best content at the very beginning. 

Spark their interest with catchy wording in the first two sentences and entice them to keep reading. Learn how to write conversationally and persuasively to get your reader’s attention early in the email copy.

3. Solve The Customer’s Problem Then Introduce Scarcity

The primary goal of writing good copy is to convince the reader that your product or service solves a need or a want that the customer has. 

Before writing your email sales copy, you should brainstorm what problems your typical customer usually has. If you’re a plumber, do your clients often have pipes that leak? If you’re a marketer, do your clients often have trouble getting new customers?

Once you have determined what problems or “pain points” your customers have, you need to describe how your product or service can help solve your customers’ problems.

Once you have described the customer’s problems and how you can solve them, you can introduce the concept of scarcity into your sales pitch. The reader is more likely to respond and click on your link if they feel that your offer is one of a kind with a limited quantity available. 

Some copywriters write in a way that makes the reader feel like they will be missing out if they don’t click through to your website and take action. Others write in a way that provides a sense of urgency to order soon (perhaps the offer is only valid for the first ten customers who call.) By providing scarcity in your sales copy, you can effectively nudge a customer into order now rather than waiting until later.

4. Have A Clear Call To Action

When formatting an email sales pitch, a common mistake is forgetting to include a clear and concise call to action. The email can do a great job of convincing your reader that they need your product. But without “next steps” or clear instructions, you might be losing sales or clicks to your website. 

You must include specific instructions on what the reader needs to do next. These instructions are commonly called a “call to action.” It can be as simple as “click on this website now to read more” or include further instructions like “send me an email to schedule your free consultation.”

5. Test Different Versions

Professional marketers will tell you that the most vital aspect of marketing is testing and optimization. Experimenting with different subject lines or different versions of your email sales copy can help you determine which one performs the best. 

You might discover that the subject line you thought was performing well only yields a 5% click rate. A new version you tested might improve your click rate to 10%. That’s twice the amount of people now visiting your website to read more about your product or service. 

Many email advertising companies will provide you with a split-testing feature to test two versions simultaneously. A/B testing, multivariate testing, or split testing are all methods used to improve your ads continuously. Always strive to improve your messages by testing your message’s content, subject lines, or calls to action.

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