7 Secrets To A Successful Email Advertising Campaign

Tired of getting poor results from your email campaigns?

For years I struggled with low click rates and ineffective email campaigns. Then I discovered several techniques that transformed my results overnight. Below are 7 secrets to increasing the results of your email marketing and email advertising campaigns.

1./ Write a persuasive subject line that entices or teases the reader to open the email

Perhaps the biggest mistake that you can make is to have an uninteresting subject line. Nothing makes the reader delete your email faster than a subject line that does not immediately engage them. 

If your mailer offers a personalization feature make sure you use it. Personalized emails (emails with the recipient’s name in the subject line) have a dramatically higher open rate and click rate.

When writing your subject line make sure that you use as few words as possible. However, the words that you do use need to be directly relevant to the recipient that you are contacting. Since many email software programs truncate the length of the email subject it is important to keep your subject lines short with the most relevant words at the beginning.

One effective method is to ask the recipient a question in the subject line. This immediately engages your reader and entices them to open the email. Remember, the stronger your offer or question the higher the open rate you will have for your campaign.

2./ Keep your message short and simple

When a recipient opens your email and sees a massively long email with multiple paragraphs they are much more likely to stop reading and delete the email. You want to design a short and punchy body for your email campaign that does not have more than 2 lines of text before skipping a line to the next bolded text or subheadline. This allows your reader to skim the email while still getting the important headlines for your offer.

Make sure that you stay on point in your email body and focus on one action that the reader needs to take. If you try and get too complicated your conversion and click rates will go down. Focus on selling the reader the next action they need to take to take advantage of your offer.

Make sure your offer is relevant to the person you are contacting. It is important to know the demographics of the readers you are contacting. Example: A cat owner is not going to respond as well to an email full of dog lover products and information about dogs.

3./ Relate and engage with the reader

One huge aspect of email campaigns that is often overlooked is the importance of engaging with the reader. Personalize the email, tell a story, tell the reader how you were once in their situation. Explain that you once had the same problem and dilemma that they are having and show them how your product/service has satisfied that need or solved that dilemma. 

A reader is much more likely to buy from you if they feel that you are on their side. Relate to your reader and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Make sure you give your reader a reason to click on your link. Don’t assume that they know what you are offering, be specific and explain exactly what you are offering. 

In other words explain exactly what will happen when they click on your link, don’t make your readers guess.

4./ Write compelling copy that persuades the reader to take action

Persuasive writing is an incredibly effective method to increase sales and conversions. Learn how to write persuasively and you will always be able to sell someone on a product. The reader needs to know how you are going to solve their problems and how you will make it easy for them to solve those problems.

What is a common problem your customers face? If they are dog owners do they struggle to effectively train their dogs? Convince your reader how your product or service directly solves their problem and you will have a much easier time convincing them to make a purchase.

5./ Don’t assume the reader knows what to do next

A common mistake that I see in email marketing campaigns is a solid sales pitch followed by no call to action. Do you want the reader to click on a link? Do you want them to click on a link to watch a video? Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you?

After your pitch, you need to make it very clear what action you would like the reader to take. Don’t miss out on a sale because the reader doesn’t know what to do next.

6./ Increase sales conversions by offering a timeline

If you’ve explained to your reader how your product or service solves their problem or need then the next step is to give them a timeline of when you can solve their problem or fulfill their need.

Adding a measurable timeframe can dramatically increase sales rates. Here’s an example headline that yields an amazing conversion rate “How To Get 100+ Potential Buyers To Your Link (In 7 Days Or Less)”

The headline solves the reader’s problem (finds them buyers) and then further seals the deal by providing a timeframe in which their needs will be met.

7./ Persuade and entice a next action (but do not sell from the email copy)

One common mistake that I see email marketers make is sending out long and length sales pitches via email. These types of emails yield very low sales rates because most readers drop off after the first paragraph or two.

The goal of an email marketing campaign should be to entice your reader to take the next action (click through to a link, watch a video, enter their contact information into a lead capture form.)

You want to quickly establish contact with your reader so that you can send a series of follow-up emails or phone calls where you sell your product with your main sales pitch.