5 Easy Tips To Write Effective & Responsive Email Ad Copy

Did you know that your customer’s ultimate decision on whether to buy your product or service is directly correlated with the quality of your ad copy?

Writing effective sales copy can literally make or break your business and amazingly it is one of the top things that home businesses and internet entrepreneurs neglect when they are setting up their business.

Fortunately, writing good quality advertising copy that produces strong and consistent results can be easy when you follow the five tips below:

1./ Do your homework and look at the big picture

Before you even begin writing your ad or sales pitch take a step back and think about what you are selling. Think about the basic demographics of your customers and think about the problem or dilemma that they have. How does your product/service fix or satisfy their problem or dilemma? How will your product make their life easier? What age and gender is your typical customer? Only when you have put some thought into who you are selling to and what their needs are should you begin writing your ad copy.

2./ Develop an outline with important headlines and sub-headlines

Start writing your email ad by making an outline of the important selling points of your product and service. Organize them in a logical fashion and make sure they directly address the problem or need that your customer has. This outline should serve as the backbone of your email ad and should help “pull” the reader through your sales pitch. Focus on the outline and the wording of the headline and sub-headlines as these will be the most important parts of the entire ad copy. Add supporting text and concise verbage in between your subheadlines to emphasise the solution that your product/service provides.

3./ Choose the right words

It is important to utilize verbage in your email ad that is both strong and to the point. It is extremely important to only use words that are concise and don’t waste the readers time. Avoid jargon and ambiguities at all cost.

When determining which words to use in your advertisement always choose verbs and other action words that stimulate your reader and evoke an emotional response as they are reading. Place these action power words throughout your ad copy as these power words will literally propel your reader through your email ad.

4./ Establish trust and provide a solution

One of the most important tips for writing good email ad copy is to establish “likability” with your reader. To do this you should relate yourself to them within the ad copy. Explain that you once experienced the same problem or need that they are now experiencing. Put yourself on their side by personalizing your experience in relation to their needs.

5./ Don’t make assumptions about your reader

The biggest mistake that I see made in most email ads is assuming that the reader knows what you are talking about. When you are writing ad copy you should always assume that the reader on the other end has no idea about how your industry, product, or service works. Without being verbose it is important to clearly explain exactly how your product/service will solve their problem and clearly explain the problem or need that your product fills. Be careful not to insult the readers intelligence but don’t assume that they have any prior knowledge of your product or the solution that it provides.

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