Effective Solo Ad Tips To Improve Results

Email solo ads are an effective and powerful method of online advertising. Solo ads can be used to build an email list, sell a product, create buzz for your website, develop your brand, create name recognition, and/or bring people to your website.

In addition to being a popular sales tool solo ads can also be used as powerful informative articles. Often solo ads can generate a faster and more cost effective response to your website rather than writing and distributing articles.

To effectively use solo ads your ad copy must be well written. A sloppy ad copy can render your ad useless. A well written and structured ad copy;

  • is targeted to a specific niche audience
  • entices people to read more
  • develops an emotional response from the reader
  • has an effective call for the reader to take action (usually referred to as a “call to action”).

Target Your Campaign To A Specific Niche

The most effective solo ads are ads that target a very specific niche audience. Writing one ad copy for all audiences is a common mistake. Your ad copy should be written with specific audience in mind.

It all begins with the ad’s subject line…

What us the very first thing people will see? The subject line. Most ads perform poorly because there is not enough focus placed on writing an effective subject line.

When you check your email each day what causes you to open some emails and not others? You must write a subject line that causes people to want to read more and open the email. A generic subject line like “Earn Money From Home” is not going to work well. It clearly reads like an ad and most will skip over the email or delete it. A more effective headline will read similar to:  FIRSTNAME, I discovered a fool-proof method of working from home

By using the prospects first name the email looks like a personalized email.

Don’t try to sell from your solo ad…

The biggest mistake that advertisers have is they try to sell their product out of their email product. The purpose of a solo ad is to generate leads and get people to your website. You should do the selling personally or from your website.

The most import thing to take from this article is: Think in the terms of leads and not sales.

An effective solo ad copy creates a sense or urgency…

When it comes to effective solo ad copy, speed and urgency are important. This is commonly mistaken for “this sale only lasts for 1 day”. What we are referring to here is to create a sense of urgency that makes the reader feel like every minute they wait to take advantage of your offer the more they lose out on a great product.

Don’t forget a clear call to action…

A clear call to action at the end of your solo ad is vitally important. You could have the most well written ad copy and your campaign would fail if it lacks a clear call to action.

An effective call to action tells the reader to do something. An effective call to action plays on the emotions of the reader and gives them no choice but to follow your instruction.